Divorce Cases
Longest Marriages That Ended in Divorce in Hollywood
This article will look at the longest marriages in Hollywood, from the 82-year-old union of Marshall Kuykendall and Winnie Kuykendall to the long-lasting
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Divorce in the Catholic Courts
Can a Catholic initiate a divorce? Yes, but you need permission from the bishop. Canon 1692 SS2 explains that a Catholic must first ask for permission
Division Of Property
How to Transfer a Divorce to a Fast Track Court
The first step to transferring a divorce to a fast track court is to serve the papers properly. You will need to complete an «Affidavit of Service»
Fault Divorce
What is an Ex Parte Divorce?
If you are wondering what is an Ex parte divorce, you should know what an order is. An order for an ex parte divorce may be a temporary order that requires
Fault Divorce
How to Get a Divorce If My Wife is Not Mutually Understandable
In this article I’ll discuss what leads to the most common divorce cases: Lack of intimacy, lack of understanding, and lack of communication.
Divorce Cases
Can I Go Abroad If My Divorce Case Is Still Open?
If you’re wondering if you can go abroad while your divorce case is still pending, you have several options. Travel-limited divorces in Texas and
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How to Find Out If My Husband Filed For a Divorce?
It is possible to obtain the divorce records of your spouse by contacting multiple counties. If you do not have the address of your spouse, you can still
Divorce Cases
What Are the Procedures to Do Before File for a Divorce?
Before filing for a divorce, there are a few things you need to do. These things include getting access to joint accounts and property ownership documents.
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What is the Simplest and Fastest Way to Get a Divorce in India?
What is the simplest and fastest way to get a divorce in India? The process begins with filing a petition. The petition must be signed by both parties
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Joint Physical Custody and Legal Separation in a Divorce
Joint physical custody requires both parents to share time with their children. This doesn’t necessarily mean a 50/50 split, but the court can impose