Divorce Marriage
What Was the Strangest Part of Your Divorce?
Did you know that there are many wacky things that can happen during a divorce? Here are some examples. Some people are lucky enough to have a strange
Divorce Marriage
How to Find Marriage Records Online
If you need to obtain copies of a marriage certificate, you may be wondering how to find marriage records online. The good news is that you can find many
Divorce Marriage
Do All Divorces Go to Court?
Do all divorces go to court? This may sound like an oxymoron, but this question has a very real answer. Divorces can be uncontested, mediated, or tried in court.
Divorce Marriage
When My Husband Divorces Me Without Me Knowing
Are you tempted to ask your husband to divorce you without my knowledge? If so, you are not alone. Many women have had this thought and feared the outcome.
Divorce Marriage
Do Housesproperty Always Have to Be Sold in a Divorce?
In the event of a divorce, the question of who gets to keep the house is often a major one. While there are many reasons to sell the home, determining