Fault Divorce
What is an Ex Parte Divorce?
If you are wondering what is an Ex parte divorce, you should know what an order is. An order for an ex parte divorce may be a temporary order that requires
Fault Divorce
How to Get a Divorce If My Wife is Not Mutually Understandable
In this article I’ll discuss what leads to the most common divorce cases: Lack of intimacy, lack of understanding, and lack of communication.
Fault Divorce
Can You Erase Marriage Records?
You can’t. A divorce or annulment doesn’t erase the paper trail of your marriage. All legal proceedings are part of the permanent public record.
Fault Divorce
How to Find a Divorce Record in California
There are a few different ways to find a divorce record in California. First, you can go to the website of the court in which the divorce took place.
Fault Divorce
Can Cell Phone Records Be Pulled in a Divorce Case?
When pursuing a divorce, it is often advantageous to obtain information on your spouse’s cell phone use, especially when it’
Fault Divorce
Why You Should Say No to a Divorce
This article covers all the bases: Cruel and inhuman treatment, the cost of the divorce, and the right to remain part of the original family unit.